looks the same to me, relm
You change the font, or is by browser just being goofy?
The discord has a #server info that has that information. If you are not already on discord, your new login may need to be given permission to access that channel though. You can Also try messaging an admin through steam
sorry iam new here where find i the pw or the server 3.0 ?
Anyone else having trouble connecting? :(
You do not have access to shout.
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This Server Will Be in Test Mode Starting March 2nd 2018 for 3.0 testing

-During this time no new applications will be approved

-There is to be NO Streaming, recording or sharing of information about 3.0. Anyone who breaks this rule will be removed from the Whitelist

-This is a temporary stress test of the mod to find inconsistencies in Progression or loot. Play as you normally would and get a feel for how things are working.

-You are not required to test. If you wish to wait for our official server launch this is fine.

-As this is a test you understand that if a major change is required we will wipe the server. You understand this going in but we will do our best to NOT have this occur.

-Cities, towns and high value POIs are STILL forbidden from being claimed. You may take over any wilderness POI (as a matter of fact this is a must for survival

-There will be VERY limited bot commands for this test. Donors who have privileges will have those privileges restored when we go Live, with extra time added.

-Please use our Discord to report bugs if you can. You may make a post here too if you wish. But Discord is the preferred way of communicating errors.

Ok we have what could be the last version of testing up on Live now. It has been wiped. Fresh Install is recommended. Feedback as always is very welcome.

Here are the changes

**Patch 3.0v03 Release Date 3/9/2018**

-Fixed "Gather" glitch in Advanced Campfire Quest

-Lowered Chrysanthemum a bit in forest

-Gave School Bus its own loot list

-Gave ambulance its own loot list

-Adjusted Crack a Book loot

-Fixed hitboxes on Military Shovel and Military Hatchet

-Adjusted Properties on the Minibike chassis (all three)

-Added multiple recipes to schematics.

-Added realistic variety of food and drink to vending machines

-Added guns back to their schematics

-Added repair kit schematic to gun classes

-Shotgun can now be assembled

-Benelli added to the Shotgun Schematic

-Removed glitch light goggles

-Lowered chances of Night Vision Goggles

-Fixed Daryl Bow Quest Text

-Crossbow bolts can now be pulled apart for feathers

-Lowered animal spawning probability

-Changed text on Resting to be more specific

-Fixed Junction Box Icon

-Added Advanced Rotation to Centered Poles

-Increased chances of tree seed drops

-Removed Explosives and Traps Perks and added them to Schematics

-Slowed zombie walk speed down on Herds to hopefully make them look better

-Raised Deer panic speed slightly

-Lowered chances of multiple skyscrapers spawning in one city

-Increased Chances of Guns in Safes
-Increased iron yield from stone

-Added small engine to the Wood Chipper

-Increased chance of being Dirty slightly

-Removed Grass material from Cucumber seed which might have been causing issues

-Fixed capital "P" on cooking pot allowing it to be crafted by everyone

-Fixed description on rebar frames

-Adjusted recipe of all helmet lights and added all to the Advanced Workbench

-Lowered frequency of Bandits

-Bandit backpacks now destroy on close

-Added 2 new wood counters

-Optimized and cleaned up all Assets from 2.2

-Added 3m Sized Flagstone Arches

-Added multiple models for food items

-Added new material for Ice Blocks to support small builds

-Added warming to burning barrels

-Added random screamer zombie to spawns

-Changed dinner plate to aluminum pie pans found in loot only

-Reduced Household Chemicals

-Added more medical loot to Medical Tower loot boxes

-Added pie pans to pie recipes

-Added Electric Tools and Clothing/Armor Books to loot

-Added Electric Tools 3 and 5 skill point crafts

-Added Average Joe Class

-Major adjustments to loot amounts. Most items that had multiples (5,15) have been halved or lowered. Ammo has been reduced a bit. Guns slightly raised but certain guns made rarer to find.

-XP to level raised a bit from 15000 a level to 17000 a level

-Removed dirt patches under certain crops so they look better

We have now officially launched our test run on our Whitelist. Go in, smash it out and let us know what you think!

We have a new IP for this. You can find us at Server IP:

The password remains the same. If you find any bugs, any craziness or have any feedback you can do so ina post on here, or in our Discord Server Talk Channel.

RelmDrifter Love you Jax :p
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